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Paid Media

Paid media allows for immediacy, flexibility, control and testing. In the context of search, brands can quickly get the right message and offer in front of customers with the ability to update creative and strategy to fit evolving marketing needs. Paid search can fuel owned media by serving as a test environment to determine what works best for the long term strategy and can be a source of rich real-time, responsive data. Combined with the right strategy, optimization, management and analytic techniques, paid media can be key to driving business results at scale. A combined search strategy for both paid and owned media can strike the right balance of efficiency, long-term strategy, and real-time responsiveness.


Owned Media

Applying owned media to a thorough SEO methodology should be the foundation of any online marketing campaign. By definition, you control the message. Yet countless companies are swayed by creative shops too interested in promoting their own portfolios and lead C-level executives astray to ignore the overriding business case of doing marketing in the first place – at their peril. We counter that a website not easily found is no better than a fancy business card. Reprise Media prides itself on turning works of art into case studies for success.


Earned Media

Earned media, in the traditional context, is publicity that you or your organization receives as a result of efforts to make a worthwhile product/service that meets certain criteria, or simply to improve our lives. In the modern digital world, this most clearly aligns to social media. How can a paid search marketing and SEO agency improve your profile in social? And what does that mean to your business? Read on. These are more closely tied together than you may think.


Amplified Media

Amplified media is a new spin on earned media that leverages existing content and platforms to broaden reach and messaging to targeted users using a tactic called paid social. Ever notice how a simple post or tweet is not always seen by your fans and followers? This is where we come in. Buying media on social channels is similar to that of popular search and display tactics, with the key difference being advertisers can reach very specific users based on the granularity of targeting options on these platforms. There are both CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) options, providing flexibility in campaign preferences. Paid social is best used in extending the message of other online or offline marketing, continuing the conversation and staying relevant with your audience.