Ah, the sweet smell of five. From time to time we at SearchViews sit down and talk to the people making news in the world of search and tech.

Here are some of our favorites:

Seth Goldstein This co-founder and chairman of Majestic Research likes using complicated Star Wars analgoies to explain the changing role of the agency as it relates to search. Find out what the heck he’s talking about here.

Peter Pezaris This guy took that whole “Go forth and…” edict literally with a social networking service that’s topped a million members. Read our interview here.

David Jakubowki MSN Manager of Search Strategies and Go-to-Market sounds off on his feelings about the SEM/portal divide and the impact of demographic targeting on overall search spend.

Jim Lanzone He’s the senior vice president of search properties at Ask (Jeeves) who knows his way around vertical search and every celeb blogroll under the sun.

David Zito He’s senior manager of development for Yahoo Publisher Network Online and a start-up guru with a track record of success. Find out what he’s doing for the big Y over here.