Yahoo! “Passionista” Study Makes Case for Social Media, Search

Yahoo and MediaVest just released their findings from a joint a study about consumers they’re calling “passionistas,” or people defined as “highly-engaged consumers…much more likely than typical consumers to create and share content online about their passions and the brands associated with them.”

Their catch-phrase is just a titch gimmicky (no more -ista endings, please!) but according to their study, these consumers spend six times more time at topically interesting sites than the typical user, visit such sites three times more often, and are more likely to try new brands related to their interests. From the press release:

Passionistas seek relevant and timely information, including ads that look and feel like content, email subscriptions and RSS feeds, and customized suggestions from vendors like Amazon or Netflix. They hold their brands to a high standard and expect intelligent advertising, new approaches and authenticity. These consumers are more likely than average to remix content as a way to play with a brand, using online tools that make it increasingly easy for them to create movies, songs or slideshows to share with their friends.

That’s a compelling case for why social media marketing works, especially as the study also notes that these consumers are also 52% more likely to be brand evangelists. Combine that with the study’s finding that “passionistas” also search a whopping 184% more frequently than their dispassionate counterparts, and you have a case for tightly integrating search and social media marketing efforts – first to reach these users and then to converse with them.

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