SuperMatch Guarantees Prime Real Estate at the Top of on Every Search

What is SuperMatch?

SuperMatch is an augmented premium ad placement on existing above the regular paid search listings. Targeting for this placement is based on a user’s queried category and location. Each SuperMatch ad can be customized to meet the needs of the advertiser. For example, SuperMatch ads offer the following additional links and features:

• Read reviews
• Write a review
• Advertiser’s phone number
• Advertiser’s website
• Map to the brick and mortar location.
• Add a logo or photo
• Embedded expandable video component


How Does SuperMatch Work?

When consumers search for a particular category group and a specific geographical location, a customized ad unit appears at the top of the results page above the sponsored links, allowing the ad to be prominently positioned and immediately noticed by searchers.

There are only three placements available for these SuperMatch ad spots per category, and they are sold on a monthly first-come, first-served basis. In order to obtain one of these spots, advertisers must have a pre-existing pay-per-call or pay-per-click (PPC) account with The SuperMatch ad spot is a supplementary product which can be purchased at a fixed cost/ flat monthly rate.

Unlike traditional paid search where bids are made for specific keywords, keywords in the category group are already pre-determined by Superpages. The category’s list of pre-determined keywords is very extensive so a user’s queried search should bring up an advertiser’s SuperMatch ad spot when relevant terms are queried.

Advantages of SuperMatch

The SuperMatch ad unit will be displayed in a prime location and will appear every time a search is conducted for a user’s queried category group and queried geographical location. Unlike with the paid search ads, this ad unit is guaranteed to capture 100% share of voice (SOV) of all queries within a set category. That along with the ad’s fixed priority location, and the potential of having both the paid search ad and SuperMatch ad displayed concurrently, greatly assists in building brand awareness and increasing overall brand interaction.

Moreover, Super Match allows for ad customization. With the additional features, i.e. video, logo, links, these ads help maximize interaction with the brand and product. Similarly, user interactions with the additional features can be measured with an advertiser’s own tracking technology.

Disadvantages of SuperMatch

Since SuperMatch is an additional feature for existing PPC advertisers, SuperMatch does not guarantee any impressions or clicks. Because this is purchased on a monthly flat rate, there is a possibility of a low volume of traffic and as a result, an inefficient return rate.

Additionally, although listed as an advantage, SuperMatch’s ad customization with additional links and features are twofold. Depending on the goals of the advertising campaign, additional features such as videos and maps may deter consumers from clicking through to the advertiser’s website and acting on the overall desired action. For example, if the goal of the advertiser is to simply have consumer’s click on their website and drive consumers to their homepage then videos and maps can act as a distraction.


SuperMatch presents two great opportunities, one for small brands and small business and another for big brands and big business.

SuperMatch was designed to help small businesses obtain prime real estate on the search page, enabling them to compete with larger businesses. Given that SuperMatch ad space is only available to pre-existing PPC advertisers, and based on its fixed cost pricing model, it enables smaller/ local business ads to appear above other potentially larger businesses. SuperMatch allows small businesses to gain a larger SOV and gives their ads the opportunity to compete with bigger competitors.

On the flipside, although created with the intent to support smaller businesses, SuperMatch ad space can also be purchased by larger businesses. This enables the bigger businesses to dominate search results and monopolize this prime advertisement real estate.

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