RepriseMe: Number 16 – Ruth Nightengale – VP, Account Management

We’ve reached number 16 on our grand tour of the people and faces that make up our dynamite search and social media team, which brings us to Reprise Media’s Vice President of Account Services, Ruth Nightengale.

A member of the team since 2005, Ruth has rapidly risen through the ranks of Reprise Media (try saying that three times fast…) in part because of her confident and decisive demeanor. So, naturally, when we asked her to name her favorite music, TV shows and movies… she sort of fell apart. (by her own admission)

Then again, she’s responsible for making sure our entire roster of clients are thrilled with the results of their search and social media marketing campaigns. And she’s also a mother of two to boot. Both are very important jobs in which playing favorites can lead to serious problems. Let’s just agree that she loves all her clients, children and media equally, and move on.

So, without further ado… let’s get to know Ruth a little better:

1.    Where are you From?

Crystal Lake, Ill

Crystal Lake, Illinois (50 miles NW of Chicago)

3.    Great moments in Reprise Media History?

Ruth in the New Office

Moving Day and the first day in our new office.  Everything had that “new” smell….

4.    Reprise Media Job-Related Tip?

Ask Questions!  There are so many really intelligent people here that it can feel intimidating to ask questions, but everyone is really open to offering answers or showing you how to do something.

5.    Favorite Website?

Do I have to have a favorite?

[Ed. Note: This would be where you say “SearchViews!!” with breathless enthusiasm… But we won’t hold it against you.]

5.    Which Search Engine Would You Be and Why? 

Google, I guess.  Because I’m often in the situation where people say “I don’t know, ask Ruth” (or “I don’t know, ask Mom”), and in a lot of cases I’ll say “I don’t know, let’s find out” – and I go to Google.

6.    Favorite TV Shows?

I recommend the Canadian series Slings and Arrows a lot, but I don’t really watch much TV unless it’s with my kids (who love Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and I think it’s pretty good too).  I’ll confess to trying to catch as much Top Chef as my schedule will allow.

7.    Favorite Movies?

Little Miss Sunshine

I could watch Little Miss Sunshine over and over.  Same with Shakespeare in Love (Tom Stoppard’s screenplay is genius).  Secretly, I’m actually a huge action film fan – I love the Bourne Trilogy, Casino Royale,  The Matrix.  I’m really not good with this whole “favorite” thing.

8.    Favorite Music/musicians?

Depends on my mood.  Often while at work I need to listen to Brahms Violin Concerto #1 or Bach’s Suites for Unaccompanied Cello to bring my blood pressure back down – but I’m actually a huge bluegrass fan – Alison Krauss in particular.  I’ve got a bunch of country on my iPod too: Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood…  And, as everyone knows, I have most of the American Musical Theatre canon memorized – at least from the 40s through the 90s (including Side Show – a gem!).  I guess I don’t really have a  favorite.

9.    Favorite Book?

Ruth’s Favorite Books

Ahhhh!  Another one where I can’t possibly choose a favorite.  How about this?  Books I’ve recommended the most in the last couple of years.  Those would be The Time Traveler’s Wife and The History of Love.  And when I see people on the subway reading The Kite Runner, The Bean Trees, or The Corrections, I feel a pang of envy.

10.    Hero/Heroine?

Wonder Woman (insert bad 70s TV show music here)

[Ed. Note: Be careful what you ask for…]

11.    Favorite Social Media Tool, and why?

Facebook, I guess.  It’s fun to re-connect with friends with whom I’ve been out of touch.  But what’s going to happen when we’re all actually connected?  I think some of the fun will be gone, and we’ll have to find a new favorite.

12.    How much time do you spend on social media over the weekend?

Probably less than an hour… just to check in….——Speaking of checking in, be sure to check in next Friday for the continuation of our weekly RepriseMe series.

And if the suspense is killing you, and you just can’t wait until next week, why not connect with some of Reprise Media’s other team members on Twitter?

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