RepriseMe: Number 15 – Michael Ulliman – Account Director

Number 15 in our series of profiles looking deep into the hearts of the people who make Reprise Media hum takes us to Michael Ulliman in Reprise Media’s San Francisco office. Ulliman is the kind of guy who appreciates Phil Collins not as a singer of songs about nonsensically named ladies, or as a beloved star of 80s rock videos- but as a kick-ass drummer and master of gated reverb. I suspect that this might be tied to a belief that Peter Gabriel should never have gone solo and always looks better dressed as a giant flower onstage. What other wacky theories might this man hold? Read on…

1. Where are you From?

West Palm

Born in the sprawling, bustling metropolitan city of Springfield, Oh but raised in sunny West Palm Beach, Fl.

2. Favorite Website? (where I can check if I’m winning my football and basketball pools)

3. Great moments in Reprise History?


When I got on a plane from San Francisco to Seattle for a client meeting, ended up in Spokane due to weather…got on another plane back to Seattle when the weather cleared and then came back to San Francisco. Never made it to the client meeting…never stepped foot outside of an airport…for 12 hours.

4. Reprise Job Related Tip?

Always carry your keycard when traveling to the restroom. You may not make it back.

5. Which Search Engine Would You Be and Why?

Blinkx – because I can find the most obscure music videos of my favorite bands.

6. Favorite TV Shows?

Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters, Heroes, Lost, The Hank Haney Project

7. Favorite Movies?

bad santa

Bad Santa, Blazing Saddles, any John Candy or Rodney Dangerfield movie

8. Favorite Music/musicians?


Progressive Rock (Rush, Genesis, Yes, Porcupine Tree, …Trail of Dead)

9. Hero/Heroine?


Neil Peart – A master of his instrument (drums) and words

10. Favorite Social Media Tool, and why?

I have a love hate relationship w/ Facebook. I love that you never know who is going to come out of the woodwork and ask to be your friend, but a word of caution to those who have iPhones…don’t leave them sitting around where conniving friends can get into your account through the Facebook app and completely obliterate your wall.

11. Favorite Book?


Anything “Peanuts” – that darn Snoopy gets me every time.

12. How much time do you spend on social media over the weekend?


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