Reprise Me 41: Schuyler Pham, Social Optimization Analyst

me_koalaOh man! It’s the first Reprise Me of 2011.  And what better person to start with Social Media Analyst, Schuyler Pham? Schuyler is a real terror around the office, intimidating and bullying cowering Reprisers who fall in her path. Did you believe that? You did? Well, you are a fool, because Schuyler is the best.

1. Where are you From?


Macon, Georgia

2. Great moments in Reprise History?
Any and every Lost meeting—I miss them.

lost meeting

3. Reprise Job Related Tip?

Get Screengrab, the Firefox Add-on; it saves my life daily.

4. Which Search Engine Would You Be and Why?


Kayak. (See answer to question 5.)

5. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Flight- I like to travel and being self-sufficient certainly beats buying a ticket for each trip, and it also lets you see the sights first-hand!


6. Favorite TV?

mad men

How much am I going to divulge? Well, I’m glad to have been able to devote some time to discussing Mad Men and dissecting the many layers of Lost here at Reprise.

8. Favorite Music/musicians?

Here’s a few: not only do I like their music, but we all got “our start” in the same place: Allman Brothers, Otis Redding, Little Richard…

little richard

9. Favorite Book and why?


In the last year: I loved The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

10. Hero/Heroine?

My parents, of course. (If you ask me to choose, I’ll deny it anyways.)

11. Favorite social media site?
NEW Twitter is fun, but I would have to say Tumblr. Where else can you find Hungover Owls and Hipster Puppies!


12. How would you describe yourself in a search ad?

My name’s Schuyler, sounds like Sky

-ler, but my 1st name is Blackwell.

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