How To Discredit Your Blog: A Kaiser Permanente Story

Yesterday, a group of executives from 12 major US corporations launched the Blog Council, an exclusive community formed “to address the unique needs of blogging in a corporate environment.” The group includes most of the usual suspects in social media — General Motors, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and one in particular that I haven’t read much about: Kaiser Permanente. Unfortunately, the Blogging Council website doesn’t link to any of said corporate blogs, so I googled “Kaiser Permanente blog”, and found some very interesting search results:


From one to five, the top search listings are:

  1. Kaiser Fraud“, a blog that promotes, “kaiser thrives on ruining lives” – recent posts include, “Kaiser Kills…to Harvest Transplant Organs?”, “Kaiser kills more patients” and my favorite “Baby Killed by Kaiser Medical Error” (complete with picture of the mourning mother and her dead newborn)
  2. A news story about Kaiser’s inability to keep tabs on their patients’ confidential information
  3. A blog post that slams Kaiser’s latest ad campaign
  4. A post about patient outrage following Kaiser’s decision to close a No. California kidney transplant center.
  5. The Kaiser Permanent Medical research blog – Except the blog fails to load.

Though they may be “thought leaders” on the Blog Council, Kaiser is evidently lacking leadership in search. This is a pretty embarrassing front page for Kaiser that could have been avoided with proper search engine optimization.  For all it’s exclusivity, one would expect the inaugural Blog Council to require at least a basic awareness of blog SEO.

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