Google Adds Secondary Search Box on Result Pages

Google has added a secondary search box on its organic search result pages. The search box will appear for sites that Google has noted frequently experience refined searches once a user goes to the site. For instance, Google notes that a user searching for information on NASA’s Hubble Telescope might type “NASA” in Google, and then go to NASA’s site and type in “Hubble Telescope.” From the Google blog:

Through experimentation, we found that presenting users with a search box as part of the result increases their likelihood of finding the exact page they are looking for. So over the past few days we have been testing, and today we have fully rolled out, a search box that appears within some of the search results themselves. This feature will now occur when we detect a high probability that a user wants more refined search results within a specific site. Like the rest of our snippets, the sites that display the site search box are chosen algorithmically based on metrics that measure how useful the search box is to users.

Here is a list of some of the sites that get a secondary search box, among them the NY Times.

It’s important to note the secondary search box also increases the chances that Google makes more money via Adwords. It’s one less page view for the destination site, but one more opportunity for Google to serve ads. John Battelle calls this as Google going after the second click.

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