We amplify brands by identifying, targeting and reaching their most valuable consumers across all paid channels.


With over 2 billion social media users around the globe, it’s critical to leverage the power of paid social to create a real connection between your brand and your audience. Is your brand reaching its full social potential?

What makes us different

At Reprise, we believe that buying on social channels goes far beyond gaining more impressions – it’s a key way to understand your audience, continue the conversation and stay relevant with your target consumers. We get to know your audience and how they behave online through our partnerships with third-party vendors and other agencies within the IPG family. This comprehensive view ensures that media buys make the biggest possible impact, and allows us to measure and optimize our strategies based on your brand’s goals.

Paid social services

Put your social content where your audience can see it by integrating paid social tactics into your digital strategy. Reprise can leverage a wide range of paid social platforms to craft a custom solution for your brand’s specific goals.  Our current services include:

  • Paid social strategy
  • Paid amplification
  • Audience insights and analysis
  • Cross channel marketing
  • Customized holistic measurement

We leverage the power of social to help your brand’s message reach the right audience.

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