Feedcast makes it easier than ever for publishers to drive traffic to breaking news through targeted search engine marketing campaigns.

It’s extremely difficult for publishers to engage in search engine marketing. A normal search campaign can take days to develop and can often be delayed further by search engine policies and procedures.  Yet, as more newspapers move their operations online, it’s become increasingly necessary for publishers to promote their high-value news content while consumer interest is at its peak.  That means getting PPC ads developed and running when the story breaks – this is where FeedCast comes in.

To respond to this growing need, Reprise Media built FeedCast.  FeedCast is a powerful technology that automates the process of building and implementing a paid search campaign. It allows us to promote breaking content through search and other auction based platforms in a matter of hours, not days.  For news publishers, classifieds advertisers or blog authors, FeedCast delivers the fastest source of relevant paid search traffic on the market.

How You Can Benefit

First Mover Advantage

Get paid search campaigns to market within hours after the big stories break, and take advantage of lower costs and reader interest when it is at its peak

More Traffic, More Revenue

Deliver the highest possible amount of targeted traffic to pages that will maximize your revenue (eCPM)

Broader Reach

Cover 85% of the online audience with one buy through our network of partners – the biggest collection of search and contextual ad inventory available in the industry

FeedCast Services

Intelligent Content Extraction

FeedCast analyzes a client’s site content to identify keywords, concepts and phrases for use in search and contextual campaigns.  Our Intelligent Content Extraction engine automates the process of creative development, making it possible for us to generate highly targeted PPC ads almost immediately.

Multi-Engine Customization

FeedCast can simultaneously build campaigns across multiple search engines.  Each campaign is designed to the precise specifications of search and other auction-based networks.  This ensures the broadest reach possible for each unique campaign.

Faster Launch Process

FeedCast allows Reprise Media to anticipate the search engine’s editorial changes.  Our early detection system ensures that PPC ads are generated precisely to engine specifications. Finally, all campaigns are launched through a centralized interface to minimize time to market.

For more information about FeedCast, or any of Reprise Media’s other paid search solutions, call us at 212-883-4751 or request a quote.

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