Super Bowl Advertising: 5th Annual Search Marketing Scorecard Rates the MVP’s

Written By Noah Mallin | January 26, 2009 | No Comments

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The late, great comedian George Carlin had a routine that delineated the many differences between baseball and football as games and culture. One of his observations is that baseball is a 19th century pastoral game whereas football is a 20th century technological struggle. Much the same could be said about Super Bowl advertising – though as we burrow ever deeper into the 21st century it’s time for us to drop those 20th century advances (Claymation! Frogs! Celebrity endorsements!) and move onto the new tech.

That’s why for the last 4 years Reprise Media has been issuing our Super Bowl Search Marketing Scorecard. The Scorecard measures how well Super Bowl advertisers are leveraging their fancy-shmancy expensive TV ads with their online marketing efforts. Here’s last year’s Scorecard to help you get the gist.

This year the Scorecard will be released February 2nd, natch, as the game is on the 1st. Here are some of the key questions we expect to be able to answer this year:

  • The recession has upped the ante for marketers who invest millions of dollars in a Super Bowl spot. With the emphasis stronger than ever on proving an ROI from each investment, will this be the year many advertisers take a quantum leap forward in their integrated strategy?
  • In particular, the recession has taken a heavy toll on marketing spend by domestic  auto manufacturers,  a traditional staple of Super Bowl advertising. Will the new brands that come in to take those spots know how to make the investment in an expensive Super Bowl ad buy pay off online?
  • With the continuing rise in users of Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites, will advertisers make a bigger push to increase their followers on these networks as part of their Super Bowl marketing efforts?
  • Beer and alcohol advertisers make up a significant portion of Super Bowl ad spend every year. Will Google’s recent lift of their ban on alcohol ads lead these brands to a fully integrated online and offline strategy this year?
  • Job sites like are experiencing a surge in users as the unemployment rate rises. How will they use search and social media to supercharge the response to their TV campaigns?

The release of the Search Marketing Scorecard on February 2nd will be followed on February 11th by an in-depth webinar and white paper. To download a copy of last year’s scorecard and register to be notified when the new scorecard is available, visit

Additionally, to stay on top of Super Bowl Advertising news in the weeks leading up to the game, follow Reprise Media’s Super Bowl Scorecard  on Twitter at @scorecard.

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