Weekly Search Roundup: Putting Lipstick on This Week’s Search News

Written By Noah Mallin | September 12, 2008 | No Comments


This week left me more confused than ever over what animal it’s OK to apply lipstick to: It’s OK for pitbulls but for pigs it’s a no-no? Has PETA weighed in on this? What I do know is that it’s always OK to apply lipstick to Cure frontman Robert Smith and that Conquistadors run a little small. Here’s the rest of the news that failed to make Page One of our SERP’s.

AOL – You’ve Got Olds

Saul Hansell at the New York Times asks some great questions, and this week he asked just who in the heck still uses AOL anyway and why. Sure enough the answers come in. While ease of use still seems to be a factor, Hansell doubts there is much growth left in the old thing and I concur.


Online ROI…it’s Greeeeaaaaat

The ad industry is resigned to a sluggish economy but online continues to shine. The latest converts are Kellogg’s  who claim in Ad Age that digital is beating their ROI on TV ads by a factor of 2. Talk about putting some Snap Crackle and Pop in your campaign…

And now, the Google section.


Google is All Around

Google is looking into floating data centers that can be moved in and out of position where needed and would be powered by smart shark technology. Actually they’d be powered by waves but at this point anything is possible in the Googleverse. But wait, there’s more! How about Google satellites? Don’t tell me no lies and keep your hands to yourself…

The culmination of all of this is, naturally, an audience with the Queen.


The Itty Bittie Twittie Committee

Vote in this year’s Twittie awards celebrating the best of the Twitter world.  Criminally I’m not nominated but Star Trek The Next Generation’s Will Wheaton is…so…yeah.

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