Yahoo Mobile’s oneSearch Goes 2.0, Now with Voice

Yahoo is beefing up its mobile capabilities, today announcing key improvements in mobile search. According to the company’s press release, it will blow out its user-facing products, create standards for mobile widgets, and continue to develop monetization in the mobile space.

More specifically, Search Engine Land notes Yahoo is opening up its oneSearch platform, and also cut a deal with voice-search technology company Vlingo. Yahoo led a $20 million round of financing for Vlingo, which makes speech recognition software that will better position Yahoo against Google and other competitors. Mashable notes that speech recognition will likely become more integral to mobile search:

It’s evident that speech recognition is going to be pushed as a driving force for a good portion of development regarding mobile search over the next few months, to say the least. Perhaps Yahoo will even apply Vlingo more directly to some of its other mobile applications as well.

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