Search in August: Google (Still) Has 2/3 Market Share

According to search market share numbers released by Compete yesterday, Google had 66.6% of the market in August. That’s about a point more than they had in July. In the words of David A. Utter at WebProNews, “That’s not the mark of the beast, but the mark of a titan.”

Compared to July’s numbers, MSN/Live’s slight market share growth in that month appears to have dipped in August. Compete’s Jeremy Crane observes:

MSN’s Club.Live campaign actually seemed to be moving the needle for Live search market share even when you excluded Club.Live searches. Well I’m a little disappointed to say that in August it appears that Club.Live may have begun to wear on the fickle internet crowds.

Yahoo remains in second place, down almost eight points from the same month last year. Rumors surfaced recently that the company was considering outsourcing their search business. That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, but Yahoo’s 100-day strategy shakeup has thus far seen the acquisition of BlueLithium, and yesterday’s announcements of a strategic partnership with social network Bebo and the launch of new shopping and travel features – none of which point directly to changes in their search strategy or direct plans to wrest some of that 66.6% from Google’s grip.

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