Google Adds Security, Storage to Corporate Email

Google today will implement more security features and twice the storage space on corporate email accounts, partly thanks to its purchase of security company Postini earlier this year, according to the AP:

Google Inc. is sprucing up its corporate e-mail service by adding new security tools and more than doubling the storage capacity of e-mailboxes, underscoring the online search leader’s ambition to enlarge its role in the business software market.

The added security will allow Google to compete head-to-head with Microsoft, which earlier this week released Office Live Workspace (the online version of its Office suite) to tepid reviews. Arnold Zafra at Search Engine Journal notes:

Google is hoping that with a more secured corporate email service, more companies will be enticed to subscribe to GAPE suite of office applications. reports that GAPE currently receives 1,500 sign ups everyday.

Gartner analyst Tom Austin told AP that with this move, Google is really serious with its drive to sell to the American companies low-priced online application software which will drive the companies away from the traditional hard-drive-only installations of office applications.

Though Microsoft is likely to hold onto the corporate office suite market for a few more years regardless of these developments because Office is so ubiquitous, these latest Google developments definitely pose a threat to sustaining that death-grip on the market in the long-term.

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  1. jennifer holsten

    There is currently an elaborate internet virus scam in operation by XP Security Centre, Driver Detective, and hundreds of other participants, using a “” site which the virus is leading users to. I thought this was a legit Google site, so I downloaded what I thought was virus detection and clean-up software. I NOT ONLY PAID MONEY FOR THE DOWNLOAD, I AM ALSO HAVING TO PAY TO GET MY HARD DRIVE ERASED BECAUSE OF THE MANY VIRUSES NOW ON MY COMPUTER.
    I am wondering why Google allows these sites to function. I will be writing a letter to Google corporate offices, enclosing all download information related to the virus infection (and then supposed virus detection and clan-up software) marketing scam that I experienced. The sites I will show are a very small part of this elaborate virus scam.


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