AdWords Displaying Ad Scores on Domestic Searches

Some interesting happenings on Google. Earlier today, SearchEngineRoundtable reported on a forum thread started when one advertiser noticed Google displaying three scores under a Google Netherlands ad. The scores listed are Pscore, mCPC, and thresh. The article goes on to suggest that mCPC is minimum cost-per-click, while Barry Schwartz at SearchEngineLand guesses that thresh may refer to a threshold score for the ad display while the Pscore may be a quality score metric related to PageRank.

Contrary to other reports, it’s not just for international searches, however. At Reprise, we noticed the numbers appearing under domestic searches. In the screenshot below, a search at 11:35 EST for “grand theft auto” pulled up two sponsored links, with the scores displayed between them (boxed in red).


Strange Google


Strangely, subsequent searches were unable to replicate the result, and as of noon EST it seems the scores are gone from international searches as well. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any Google updates on the issue.

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