About Us

Founded in 2003, Reprise Media is a world-class digital advertising agency focused on connecting brands with customers that seek them out online.

With locations around the globe, we develop custom search and social media marketing solutions that help the world’s biggest brands – including Microsoft, Hyundai, The Home Depot and Castrol – drive traffic to their websites, manage their reputations, acquire new customers and generate revenue.

Here’s what differentiates Reprise from other search agencies:

  • We Like Big Brands and We Cannot Lie – We love working with top brands like Microsoft and Hyundai – our services and technology are designed to tackle their  complex search and social media marketing efforts at a grand scale.
  • Our Technology is Open for Business – We built PROSuite, our enterprise search marketing technology, to be able to accept data from any search engine, tracking or analytics program – even ones that haven’t been released yet. Getting all the data in one place lets us drill down to more powerful insights across different sources.
  • We Play Well With Others – A great search campaign is a collaborative effort.  We’re used to working closely with multiple stakeholders within a client organization – as well as their other agencies – to make sure that we’re maximizing the value of everything we do on their behalf.
  • Our Management Team Are Pioneers – Not the covered wagon type, but the type who were there as the search engine marketing industry was forming. They ensure that Reprise Media is always a step ahead of the future of search and social media marketing.
  • There Are No Boring Campaigns – Every one of our clients has unique challenges and opportunities. That’s why every campaign we build is tailored to fit like a fine suit.